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Do You Know That 75% Of The ‘Honey’ Sold In Grocery

Stores Contains No Honey At All?

Do you love the sweet honey? Do you eat it for your health or for its tasty?

Long away people buy honey from its source from Beekeepers in the villages or little towns.

In our days the honey is available anywhere, and we get it from any near place, can I ask you a question? Do you know how to differentiate between real healthy honey and a fake one?

Well if we look the majority buy the expensive honey, and they think it’s the perfect honey in the market, I am sorry but it’s a mistake.

There are some studies published by Food Safety News about the honey market, which declared that 75% of the honey is sent through “ultra-filtration”.

Issues with Ultra-Filtration

Here are many negative results of the ultra-filtration process.

The most notable thing is that this process removes pollen and impurities from honey, but these two things are more beneficial for us than sugar and other added product to make the honey sweeter.

Sadly, this part of the process doesn’t have any benefits, and it should be deleted cause the only way to determine the origins of honey is pollen, and without it, it will be easy for bad people to sell fake honey.

Trying to keep the origins of the honey secret is the main reason for working by ultra-filtration.

Vaughn Bryant is a researcher at Texas A&M and a practicing melissopalynologyst.

Food Safety Network sent to him samples of the available honey in the market.

Surprisingly, he found 75% of samples don’t contain any pollen, which means that the honey we used to Consume couldn’t be tracked.

People have begun pressuring the FDA to prohibit companies from working by these techniques.

With the ultra-filtration process, companies can erase the location sources of their honey.

Smuggled or adulterated honey could easily be placed on a store shelf under these rules.

And if they will not stop the use of this process faked honey could easily be sold in a store under these regulations.

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