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Some tips will help you save time and extend the life of your fruits and vegetables…

Cooking at home every day and doing kitchen tasks is hard, but it till a pleasure for every cooking lover, it’s a talent of so many men and women, here I will show you some tricks which helps you to enjoy your kitchen tasks, by the experience of many chefs, if you’re a new lover or practicer of cook these tricks will improve your performance, let’s talk about it,

1. Remove seeds from vegetables in a short time

Pips and seeds, what a problem when you meet them in your meal preparation, you can use some tricks for getting rid of it fast.

Use your melon scoops to remove pips from any vegetables like pumpkin, cucumbers, or zucchini, I try it and I finish my vegetables in two minutes, it’s helpful to try it.

The second trip is when you go shopping in utensils part you will find accessories to remove seeds from fruits, it’s cheap, get it and save your expensive time.

2. Master food wrap

When we cover our food with cling film, although it protects the dish but personally when it tars that makes me angry, so we get the solution.

Before you use the cling film put it in a fridge and let it for more than two hours and a half, this process will make it really strong in the better form to use, and it won’t tear definitely.

It’s a good and healthy way to keep our food.

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