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Check out All These Amazing Things Salt Can Do for You!

As a blog of cooking, we can’t skip talking about one of the important things (salt).

You can’t find a kitchen without salt, it’s the secret which makes our meals really tasty,

But did you know that this cheap ingredient can help you in any position in your life specifically at your home, try to finish this article and you’ll use the salt out of cooking.

1. use it as a deodorant for your refrigerator

Maybe you keep cleaning your refrigerator shelves regularly but the bad smells still, all of the time the source of the smell is bacteria and mold. As we know salt has a superpower against these two things.

So you need to mix some boiling water with a spoon of salt and splash it in the refrigerator, don’t worry it’s a natural safe method far of chemicals, which will improve the smell of your refrigerator.

If the smells keep making sure that the temperature in your refrigerator is constant, cause the changes in the temperature make a really good environment for bacteria.

Powerful cleaning agent for brass and copper          

/ I’m not sure that you have brass Utensils but if you have it for a long time and you are disappointed about getting it back to its original color, we have the solution so you need to mix salt, flour, vinegar, and voila and put it at the metal, then let it sit for an hour before washing by water, just a notice that the brass is made by copper and zink, it has anti-bacterial  properties, for this we used them in our kitchens.

try this method of cleaning and if is it going well let us know.

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