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3 of the most unhealthy drinks when trying to lose weight

When you’re in a diet period, sure you’re going to track your meals and try to choose the better of the better for your health

Second, you must watch what you eat to avoid everything bad like sugar, what if I ask you do you watch what are you drinking? And what kind of juice is healthy in your opinion?

After this little article, you will filter your drinks for better results of your diet. juice

As we know, apple juice is one of the juice we used to drink it as a healthy drink, unfortunately with all its different forms, it’s unhealthy, why?

In our diet period, our objective is to lose your overweight, so our bodies shouldn’t get too many calories, but apple juice contains a very high percentage of sugar which means more calories for your body, which makes losing overweight very hard.

2. Orange juice 

HFCS or High-fructose corn syrup which is used by many companies of food On behalf of sugar, cause it’s cheaper, they bring it from corn starch.

So the orange juice contains too much HFCS, and keep in mind that the HFCS is sweeter than normal sugar, absorbed quickly by the body, so consumption of this drink makes our objective really hard, try to avoid it for your health ha.

3. Smoothies 

As we mentioned before, any kind of drink contain a lot of sugar isn’t helpful for our diet.

Smoothies are healthy drink, but 50% of pre-packaged smoothies are unhealthy, cause it contains too much sugar, but we don’t need it for losing overweight, may be you chocked but this is the truth try to compare the percentage of sugar in 1 smoothie and 1kg of any fruit you will find why the most of this drinks isn’t good for our health.

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